Data Center Management

Efficiently manage your data center, optimize performance, and strengthen security and disaster recovery with our Data Center Management solutions
Data Security

Secure your critical data with confidence. Our Data Center Management solutions provide reliable and fully protected handling of your information

Data Management

Effortlessly manage your business with our innovative Data Center Management solutions, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity

Data Efficiency

Save on operational costs and improve efficiency with our effective Data Center Management solutions, designed to optimize your data handling capabilities

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Taashee's Comprehensive Data Center Services

Digitization is transforming various industries, and organizations must keep up with changing customer demands. Fortune 500 companies place great value on digital transformation. Taashee offers comprehensive data center services, including data storage, retrieval, processing, and security, with certified professionals and a dedicated team of experts to optimize results through advanced management services on-prem and in the cloud. Embrace the power of digitization with Taashee.

Our Data Center Management Solutions

Backup Processes
Emergency Planning
Technical Support
Upgrading Data Center Systems
Data Distribution & Storage Management

Our Offerings

Data Center Managed Services

Taashee helps you in optimizing your business efficiency with data center operations. We offer you the technological support needed by ensuring a robust IT infrastructure over the cloud.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Management at Taashee enables the right backup solution for you. We take the onus of bringing back all your systems to operational mode like before through our Disaster Recovery Center.

Multi Cloud Expertise

Taashee has partnered with the top cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Reduce costs and increase efficiency with our multi-cloud environment offerings reflecting your business needs.

Automate | Consolidate | Virtualize

At Taashee, we specialize in a complete data management framework with exclusive focus on every stage. We excel in Data Automation, Data Consolidation, Data Monitoring, Data Virtualization and more.

Our HCI Solutions

Taashee HCI - Modernize Your Data Center with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Taashee offers a leading edge to you in the industry when it comes to modernizing your data center. Achieve digital transformation with our industry-leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions from us. We help you in unveiling the power of the cloud through which you can resolve your performance and storage silos effortlessly.

Data Center Modernization with Nutanix HCI

With Nutanix HCI solutions, Taashee enables you in managing your own data center besides conceiving the design, architecture, and deployment features with ease. Our infrastructure engineers are highly capable of implementing innovative products like Nutanix Prism and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud offering you optimum benefits with respect to Storage, Networking, and Computing.
Go Flexible with Infrastructure Agility

Grow your business as per the market requirements with your infrastructure that can now be managed scalably.

Feel Optimized
Feel Optimized with Integrated Control

Maintain your workloads and environment easily without the need for any separate consoles for your business operations.

Software-Defined Infrastructure with Lenovo HCI

Lenovo’s range of products for hyperconverged solutions like Lenovo ThinkAgileMX Certified Node will lead you towards IT simplification. You can now increase value besides accelerating your business productivity through easy deployment and high manageability. The HX Series is the best-in-class HCI solution that can be easily integrated with Nutanix. Our diversified industry experience will propel you towards future-ready business solutions as per your expectations.
Lenovo Products for Implementing HCI​

ThinkAgile CP Series

Redefines your storage and computing needs with the provision of a private cloud infrastructure within your own data center.

ThinkAgileSX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Enforces optimum IT agility through a consistent hybrid cloud. Now, you can experience transformative solutions for storage and networking.

ThinkAgile VX Series

Integrates with VMware vSAN through its simplified hyperconverged solutions reflecting software-defined storage throughout.

ThinkAgile HX Series

We explore the possibilities of enriching your front-line applications with our flagship optimization methodology.
Data Center to Cloud
Increase Application Performance with Enhanced Data Security

Why Choose Taashee’s Data Center Management Solutions?

Expert Data Team at Your Services

Get the Best Results with Taashee's Dedicated Team of Data Scientists and Architects.

Addressing Current Business Data Needs

Taashee meets modern business data management requirements through advanced data center management services.

Flexible Support for On-Prem and Cloud Models

We ensure timely and optimized results through our advanced data center management services, both on-premise and cloud-based.
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    Customer Success Story

    Taashee saves millions
    Taashee saves millions for a global IT services behemoth with a fully customized globally-dispersed IT asset management solution included automation technology
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    About the Client

    Our client is known for providing purpose-built business and technology solutions that optimize customer performance and enable data-driven outcomes. Their services cover the design, development, and implementation of new tech-based solutions along with the ongoing management, enhancement and support of existing business systems. They have a team of 1,400+ employees worldwide and have offices in the US, Canada, India, Philippines, Dubai, and Australia.


    Our client was an MNC providing IT services to multiple businesses worldwide. According to their estimates, they could only account for 20-30% of their entire IT assets list. With thousands of computers (both laptops and desktops), licensed software worth millions and invaluable high-risk data stored across their infrastructure, the client needed a globally dispersed, enterprise-wide IT asset management (ITAM) implementation to take back control of their IT infrastructure.

    Client Testimonial

    Taashee’s solution integrated asset procurement, compliance and a common repository, which gave us control over and full-spectrum visibility of our IT infra.
    Head of IT

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