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Taashee Information Management Framework

Taashee Linux Services ensures business continuity for organizations with a wide range of Information Management solutions at enterprise level. We empower organizations to manage, manipulate, store, archive, retrieve and access content through various means and in multiple file formats through our expertise in open source technologies. Accordingly, our team of talented professionals provide you an effective content management platform by representing the system as application, interface, and tool as per the organizational needs.

Our Solutions

Document Management

Document Management Application from Taashee is fully customized capable of providing high-end solutions that redefine the way in which documents are maintained, organized, shared and accessed. With efficient integration guaranteed from various software programs and document applications such as Microsoft Word, Open Office and Google Docs, it is possible to exercise complete document control of highest quality.

  • Provides instant access to cloud
  • Allows structured organization of documents
  • Enables robust User Interface (UI) with easy search feature
  • Offers a comprehensive and effective Universal Format Support

Records Management

Taashee Records Management Module is a comprehensive tool for exercising complete control upon your records without the laborious processes of storing, archiving, retrieving, and maintaining records manually.

The availability of a user guide that streamlines the exact processes and advanced methods needed for maintaining and distributing records proves to be handy with an integrated repository offered accordingly.

  • Maintains record archival and distribution
  • Effective classification of various records
  • Scaled on-site file storage system
  • Affordable file retention options

Case Management

Case Management System from Taashee offers an ideal means for comprehensive management of case files with relevant task assignment in an organization either for a specific employee or to an entire department. 

Our ECM solutions for case management will help in quicker access to documents with contextual views generated along with detailed statuses.

  • Creation of new case files
  • Customizing cases with business-user roles redefined
  • Simplified processing of cases with assessment
  • Ideal for Banking and Insurance sectors

Web Content Management

Taashee Web Content Management System that is capacitated to provide powerful solutions for growing businesses online. The provision of a content repository to feed users and visitors is well complimented with Alfresco API apart from add-ons making it easy for authors to produce content besides handling other responsibilities such as:

  • Web-based publishing tasks
  • Content retrieving solutions
  • Revision control activities
  • Content searching options

GDPR Compliance Achievement

At Taashee, we offer you advanced solutions reflecting the GDPR Compliance practices in the industry. Our team will enable you to manage consents for Easy Search and Reporting features leading to transparency. We demonstrate additional aspects as well such as Auditing and Controlling for regulators. As we have expertise in managing GDPR for multiple organizations, we provide you the ready advantage of ensuring that your organization is GDPR compliant.

Enterprise Information Management @ Taashee

Increased business productivity is a result of structured functioning of key organizational processes. Smart management of information in the form of documents, files, folders and in any other structure streamlines any company’s workflow in an extensive manner. Taashee Linux Services introduces the concept of intelligent Information Management with a dynamic approach. Be it instant access to documents or securely storing and archiving files and folders for future requirements, the role of a Document Management System (DMS) can never be undermined. At Taashee, we play the sheet anchor role in maintaining your business interests intact.

Taashee’s Information Management Capabilities

  • Easy and quick management of key business documents
  • Flexible storage of documents (On-Site & Cloud) with instant retrieval
  • Better access control with high speed search, indexing and more features
  • Version and Distribution controls for increased security besides audit trials

Achieving High Availability (HA) with Alfresco on AWS

Information Management through Alfresco with uncompromising levels of Advanced Security, High Availability, Instant Retrieval and more such features is now possible by moving on-premise systems to the cloud powered by AWS, the on-demand services provider like.

Taashee’s Alfresco Solution Play on AWS will enable organizations achieve a HA architecture for Alfresco solutions with the:

Leveraging of High Availability at:

We manage and scale up a relational database in the AWS Cloud with AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)

We store, archive, retrieve and backup unmanageable amounts of information with AWS S3 or Elastic File System (EFS)

Orchestration of Alfresco Solution Deployment in AWS Cloud

Taashee Linux Services manifests a coherent solution by interspersing the best of both worlds:

Alfresco – at Content level (with ACS) | at Process level (with APS)

AWS – EC2 (at storage level) | RDS (at database level)

Though a lot of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools are available in the market, organizations need to give preference to the one that best matches their business requirements. A tool that could be easily customized, readily implemented, and flexibly steered is what organizations look forward to in today’s competitive marketplace. Alfresco is the ideal ECM software capable of offering a diverse range of content and document handling services at enterprise level under Information Management.

With an intelligent software product like Alfresco, Taashee manages your process and content leading to:

  • Cost-effective Pricing supporting any number of interfaces
  • Swifter Understandability because of a well-maintained process flow
  • Robust Functionality as integrated with other OEM – Ephesoft – for scanning


Delving further into the major features of Alfresco, modern businesses get to benefit with Taashee with timely implementation and valuable support as reflected in the grid below.


  • Versioning – Simpler and easy to create
  • Search – Type-ahead option ala Google
  • Audit – Full document lifecycle management


  • Share interface for advanced collaboration
  • Real-time integration with Google Docs
  • Support for multiple content editors


  • One installation package for all retentions
  • Manages all physical assets like CDs, etc.
  • Well-integrated with easy UI to navigate


  • Design workflows on the fly
  • Pack relevant processes into a single app
  • Deploy processes without IT involvement


Taashee pioneers a classic ECM infrastructure and deployment model with Alfresco that leaves behind all the worries of our customers. The major deployment models in its array are spaced below.

On-Premise Deployment    |   Cloud Deployment   |   Software as a Service (SaaS)


Browser-based interfaces like Share and ADF add value to our solutions using Alfresco along with other interfaces that are available for MS Office, Microsoft Outlook and Google Drive.


Taashee enabled a leading PSU utilating Power Transmission with feature-rich solutions like Document Storage, Vendor Management, Annotation, File Revision, and Report Tracking.

Taashee specializes in developing customized Content / Document Management solutions like API Development for deeper analytics.

Taashee Implementation Team has assisted a reputed Life Sciences firm in installing and implementing Document Management System.

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