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Collaborative Development for Enhanced Operations: IT DevOps Solutions by Taashee

At Taashee Linux Services, our IT DevOps approach prioritizes delivering exceptional IT services through automation, integration, and advanced business practices. Our expert team combines software development and IT operations expertise, along with a focus on process automation, to ensure swift software releases, timely resolution of complex issues, and efficient work planning and management. We are dedicated to providing top-notch IT services to our clients.

Taashee’s IT DevOps Framework provides your business with these results:

Ansible by RedHat

Red Hat Ansible is the leading technology for deploying applications and is aimed at configuring your servers, networks, firewalls, and more. Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Ansible to provide top-notch solutions whether it is Application Deployment or Software Provisioning.
Why Taashee?
Taashee is a Consulting Partner for Red Hat Ansible capable of handling deployments, and configurations in a customized way with a Continuous Delivery approach. Our expertise in Ansible Playbook allows us to be crafty when it comes to dynamic system configurations.
What We Do?
Taashee Linux Services is the preferred technology partner for organizations looking forward to implement Ansible for their configuration and deployment needs.


OpenStack is a cloud management platform known for controlling networking resources by managing upon Public, Private and Hybrid clouds. Taking control of computing, storing, migrating, implementing, networking, and several other such Services directly from OpenStack Dashboard is possible.
The Taashee Advantage
OpenStack services from Taashee Linux Services help you to make your business more -Agile, Secure & Robust. By delivering technology solutions to our global clients, our OpenStack experts lead your business towards innovation as well as realize your vision.
Our Services
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    Modern enterprises look for automated installations to save cost and time with regular upgrades. Taashee’s OpenShift platform will ensure that the entire lifecycle management of applications makes a huge difference for organizations.
    At Taashee, we serve your business purposes as our OpenShift teams:
    Taashee Linux Services is your preferred implementation partner of Red Hat technologies assuring you of multiple benefits such as Extensibility, Scalability, Reusability, and more.
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        Puppet is the leading technology with a high-end suite of products aimed to help users in discovering managing and delivering
        applications upon the infrastructure they run upon as the ideal platform.
        How can Taashee help you?
        By opting for Taashee, organizations will be able to benefit with the automation feature leading towards increased benefits with respect to stability and security.
        • Discover

          Increase agility with the discovery of multiple resources running upon your hybrid infrastructure.

        • Provision

          Save time with infrastructure made available on time to guests be it on cloud or on local datacenter.

        • Configure

          Make the most of the resources available leading towards automation with the performance levels unaffected.

        • Build

          Apply a standardized way for building traditional or containerized applications leading towards more control.

        • Deploy

          Allow faster completion of activities with the deployment of applications in a customized fashion.

        • Manage

          Experience a one-stop management solution for all your applications and infrastructure with Puppet in automatically.


        Chef is the most preferred technology for Continuous Automation. It is implemented across thousands of organizations across the world with a vision for digital transformation. Eventually, it is possible to experience faster performance with a secure and compliant infrastructure as the platform.
        How can Taashee help you?
        Taashee Linux Services displays a significant stronghold on Chef and its features as a result of its association with clients implementing the technology for their requirements.
        Infrastructure Management

        From a few servers to thousands of them, we let you manage them all effortlessly with Chef. As a result, it is possible to save effort without dallying time upon activities like manual patching.

        Compliance Management

        Elaborating security standards requires mere implementation of Chef, which will result in overcoming the usual hindrances related to Compliance Management, Test Automation, Policy Enforcement, and so on.

        Application Delivery

        With Chef in place, there is no other better way when it comes to delivering apps. Its portfolio of services are diverse in nature with the focus upon legacy apps, and cloud native microservices.


        GitHub provides the world’s largest platform for development communities to discover, share and build more advanced software products that are robust in nature. Taashee’s DevOps teams are well-versed with GitHub’s environment completely and as a result we collaborate and build customized applications in an efficient manner.
        • We Collaborate

          Our developers make constant efforts to improve software products to a maximum extent in order to make them perform better.

        • We Manage

          Developers at Taashee are capable of resolving multiple issues by working upon concurrent projects with deep insights upon the coding part.

        • We Improve

          The performance of any application is directly affected by our working mechanism as we discover necessary codes for project implementation within minutes.

        Red Hat Fuse

        Taashee Linux Services is a Premier Business Partner for JBoss after having been actively contributing to the Red Hat’s partner ecosystem for over a decade now. Our team of engineers are experienced in deploying integrated services using Red Hat Fuse.
        Single Integration Platform

        We implement Red Hat Fuse for on-premise or remote applications over public/private clouds.

        Integration Platform-as-a-Service

        We ensure flexible interfacing with a low-code UI/UX feature for better application development.

        Container-based Integration

        We exercise complete command over microservices with the creation, extension and deployment of applications with ease.

        Why Taashee as the Leading Company for IT DevOps Consulting Services?

        Speedy Rollout

        With DevOps, solution development, testing, and release can be accomplished swiftly. It brings together a range of automated processes to achieve impressive speed and deliver exceptional service quality.

        Optimized Performance

        DevOps tools can streamline your deployment and testing processes, leading to increased business value.

        Flawless Execution

        DevOps accelerates release cycles by eliminating unnecessary processes and improving cost efficiency, thereby boosting value delivery.

        Customer Success Story

        Taashee helped BFSI industry
        Taashee helped BFSI industry to improve transaction speed by 53% through the implementation of Red Hat Ansible and Analytics for real-time predictive analytics
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        About the Client

        Our clientis one of the largest banks in Bahrain, that makes use of data and technology to carry out financial transactions. A cross-functional team of bank managers, financial consultants, and economic experts at the client place used Red Hat Ansible and other solutions to create a real-time predictive analytics product system to more accurately and rapidly improve the transactional speed of monetary activities conducted in the bank.


        In this project, an esteemed client from the banking sector needed a real-time predictive analytics product to accurately predict consumer behavioral patterns and solve issues related to the speed of transactions. At Taashee, our engineers took complete advantage of the Red Hat suite of technologies like OpenShift and Analytics, besides Ansible, as it helps in prediction and analytics along with automation.

        Client Testimonial

        Taashee has saved us a ton of time and complexities by coming up with this Ansible-based solution. Very impressed with your team’s adherence to SLAs.
        Md. Shamiullah Iftikaar
        Head of IT, Banking Sector

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