Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

Taashee maintains a dedicated Offshore Development Center with focussed teams for Software Development to reflect your core business competencies. We help you to increase business agility through our proven expertise in managing ODC projects. As a result, organizations looking for offshore development will get to save more without any local dependencies.


Your Preferred Offshore Development Center

Taashee’s Offshore Development Center (ODC) symbolizes a successful business model helping you to save more on your software development costs besides helping you to improve the quality of products, solutions and services we provide. We have our ODC to ensure you increase your business productivity and expand your customer reach. Additional benefits such as enhanced visibility and maximum productivity will be your way through our ODC methodology.

Advantage Taashee - Our Benefits to You

End-to-End Project Management

Leave your project management roadblocks completely to us as we exhibit complete control on all your projects.

Immediate Access to IT Talent Pool

Completing multiple projects under tighter deadlines is no mean task. We will help you with our large pool of talent specialized in advanced and in-demand technologies.

100% Control on Business Operations

By assigning all your projects to a reliable ODC like Taashee, you can have peace of mind out of which you can run your regular business operations efficiently.

Continuous Technical Support

Our teams of dedicated developers and engineers respond immediately and reach out to you respecting SLAs.

Our Offshore Development Center Solutions

Taashee Linux Services’ ODC provides world-class solutions by integrating multiple technol-ogiessyncing with your business landscapes. Our team of professionals manage your production ecosystem intact by adding value during each operational stage right from Planning to Support.

Application Transformation

Design | Redesign | Modernize | Migrate – your applications for optimized performance

Cloud Computing

Store | Migrate | Network | Deploy – your data in the cloud with 100% security

IT DevOps

Test | Code | Release | Operate – with our comprehensive framework

Information Management

Secure | Version | Annotate | Organize – your information instantly with us

Data Life Cycle Management

Backup | Archive | Analyze | Visualize | Monitor – your ecosystem for maximum security

Database Management

Scale | Healthcheck | Migrate | Improve – your databases with open source technologies

Industries We Cover

Taashee serves as the lifeline for various industries when it comes to the adaptation of latest
technologies through our offshore development center. Our dedicated offshore team of
consultants, developers, engineers and other professionals ensure that you experience
digital transformation with sustainability.


Alghanim Industries

Location: Middle East      Domain: Automobile

About the Company

Alghanim Industries is one of the largest privately owned companies in the Persian Gulf region, predominantly in Kuwait. It manages multiple businesses with key focus upon the Automobile segment.

Our Key Implementations

  • Managed location-based scanning data related to the delivery of vehicles for which Oracle database has been used. The stages covered are from vehicle booking to delivery besides covering other aspects like damage and replacement. The chassis numbers of vehicles are stored in the database based upon the vehicle location and its status are identified instantly.
  • Maintained Oracle database on a regular basis besides performing health checks in order to ensure proper functioning without any implications from the vehicle management process.


Location: USA      Domain: Healthcare

About the Company

Levrx is a prescription drug technology solution and platform designed to improve outcomes for patients, providers and payers alike. The company is on a mission to revive the healthcare domain with breakthrough technology solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our Key Implementations

  • Implemented the best IT practices as per the latest HIPAA and GDPR standards and offered RPA services by going all out with the integration, optimization and customization as per the client requirements besides IT compliance that has garnered huge importance, especially in the Healthcare sector, because of the involvement of PHI and other sensitive information.
  • Modernized healthcare applications for the company by being in sync with the latest cybersecurity updates has obtained it an extra edge. The availability of dedicated teams for DevOps, Automation, and Infrastructure from us proved to be handy as all such services were required at Levrx on a long-term basis.

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