Taashee generates a business of $325k to Red Hat for FY 2019-20

Taashee Linux Services, a Premier Business Partner for Red Hat, has done exemplary business for Red Hat ever since it joined the OpenShift Practice Builder Program in 2019 representing Asia Pacific. Considering the fact that the Hyderabad-based enterprise open source solutions provider has generated a whopping $325k for OpenShift business alone, Taashee has still got a long way to go.

Case Study: Taashee trains its workforce with Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program

Red Hat holds Taashee in high esteem because of the efforts it has put in by leading from the front. It all began over a decade back for both the companies to come together and there has been no looking back since then.

“Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program is designed to help system integrators build a modern cloud native practice using OpenShift to take advantage of the significant and growing demand for containerised application development. One of the earliest partners onboarded was Taashee Linux Services,” said Ajit Joshi, Partner Manager for Red Hat ISV.

From the bookings aspect, Taashee has been instrumental in enabling Red Hat to grow from $1M to $4M globally and that too in mere four years of time, which is no mean feat.

Delving into more details, the Taashee think tank made sure that its workforce contributed to the fullest by focusing on numerous aspects of the comprehensive program. As per 2018 Gartner predictions on containerization across the globe, the figures would go up by at least 50% by 2020 and Taashee has played a significant part during the process. Leveraging cloud and containers to deploy cloud-native applications by overcoming the stiff challenges posed by the competitors is something that Taashee takes pride in.

“We brought in significant earnings last year. Thanks to our investment in the OpenShift Practice Builder Program so the rebate really does make a difference to our bottom line and provides a significant incentive to sell,” observed Abhishek Datt, CTO, Taashee Linux Services.

For more details about the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program or any of your containerized implementations, please write to us at: info@taashee.com

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