Taashee has been accorded with Outstanding Contribution to VMware Business – South award

Taashee Linux Services, the pioneering pan India software development firm, has been recognized aptly for its exceptional services in virtualization software and cloud infrastructure. The Hyderabad-based boutique company having its overseas base in Singapore takes pride for having been awarded with 2015 Outstanding Contribution to VMware Business – South.

Serving as an enterprise-level partner for VMware, Taashee specializes in multiple virtualization platforms by offering latest cloud management solutions to its reputed clients with customization. Right from desktop / server virtualization, it excels in the provision of a wide range of services such as managing data across Public / Private / Hybrid clouds besides empowering organizations with products such as vCloud and vSphere.

Taashee is best known for providing advanced Data Center solutions as well. It is this precise reason because of which increasing number of customers prefer running their enterprise applications with their data center turned into a flexible cloud infrastructure.

Taashee’s vast expertise in implementing virtualization software at the clients’ end has brought laurels to us explains Manojkummar Garg, COO, Taashee Linux Services.

End User Computing is another vital segment that customers frequently look forward to. The strategic visionary of Taashee has taken care of this aspect as well in an effective manner. Considering the fact that turning desktops and applications into virtualized resources is highly cost-effective, the expertise of Taashee has made customers to get adapted to it perfectly and at a right time.

Apparently, the wide scope of cloud infrastructure has been duly reflected by the firm due to which several benefits of immense value are realized. For instance, the simplified IT operations and improved cloud efficiencies result in an integrated environment making virtual storage more efficient.

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