Taashee implements Alfresco Content Connector for SAP ERP to ensure faster accomplishment of tasks with ease

Alfresco Software now offers a highly efficient update in its information management suite through it is now possible to accomplish information sharing tasks at a reduced cost. Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Alfresco in order to ensure that the global information solutions provider offers the best to its customers. More specifically, a new update in the form of Alfresco Content Connector is now being made available for the users that fits the budget of SMEs as well. The connector will allow syncing among different types of SAP systems with Alfresco cloud with which the process of sharing vital data could be made even much faster.

Taashee, being an Alfresco Gold partner already, is well aware of the activities to be completed and understands the in and out well. The dedicated Alfresco implementation team understands the pain points of customers to the core and pitch suitable solutions accordingly. Moreover, the availability of a dedicated team who are capable of providing instant solutions through Taashee Insta Reponse System (TIRS) would be an added advantage in executing such advanced features. Perhaps, the Content Connector ensures that even the unstructured data in invoices too would be organized reflecting a powerful implementation process in place.

SAP Certification on top of Alfresco processes means that Alfresco Digital Business Platform can now be accessed effectively with SAP ERP as well. Taashee Linux Services is capable of implementing such combinatorial tasks involving multiple technologies in an effective  manner. With the combination of Alfresco and SAP, the biggest benefit experienced is that of maximum savings, which SAP users moving to Alfresco can directly take advantage of. Meanwhile, it is now possible that invoices and other crucial documents could be sorted easily through Alfresco Content Connector for SAP.

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