Taashee implements Red Hat Cloudforms with support from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace

Taashee Linux Services has co-hosted a prestigious event along with Ingram Micro and Microsoft Azure to provide a Cloud Marketplace to its customers looking forward to Storage, Migration and other services. At a one-of-its-kind event organized at Hotel Park Hyatt in Hyderabad on May 11, 2018, the event was attended by the who’s who of the industry detailing about the kind of benefits and features they are bound to receive by moving to the cloud.

An Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Skilled IT professionals from Microsoft initiated the series of sessions and presentations from what it turned out to be an evening of knowledge sharing and cloud computing. The focus was held by Taashee’s team who created VM instances in Microsoft Azure environment along with on-premise OpenStack and managed both the environments through Red Hat Cloudforms.

The integration of various services such as data analytics, cloud computing, mobile solutions, cloud storage, and database management besides Azure cloud. Additionally, there were clear presentations about:
Make your business more productive with affordable solutions from Taashee Linux Services.

  • Hybrid Cloud Setup
  • OpenShift (PaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Identity Management

The intent with such a profound cloud therapy was clear and it was all about assisting SMEs in achieving their business targets by switching to cloud.

A Presentation on Red Hat OpenShift

Speaking at the event, Abhishek Datt, CTO, Taashee Linux Services, explained about the core functionalities of Red Hat Openshift. The precise presentation captured all the key features and major concepts of the container application platform.

OpenShift supports organizations in the development and hosting of applications besides guaranteeing Scalability feature. A Topology of Features :

REPLICATION CONTROLLER : It ensures that at least a single instance of the pod replicas in the application is up and running at that point of time.

SERVICE : This feature has been included to ensure load balancing among all the available services within the application.

ROUTE : It is responsible to offer access externally to the server from the project cluster.

Integrating OpenStack and Microsoft Azure in Red Hat Cloudforms

Taashee’s team of cloud experts demonstrated about integrating OpenStack and Azure cloud through Red Hat Cloudforms. Besides covering all the concepts and demonstrating all the features practically, the concerns and issues of the clients too have been addressed.

Staying in sync with the latest technologies in accordance with the growing business demands is the biggest challenge every organization goes through. Red Hat Cloudforms offers an ideal solution with its unified management concept. Eventually, it leads organizations in exercising better control over their applications and services deployed.


MONITORING : Multiple resources in the organization can now be inspected for their performance, speed and quality. Besides promising continuous delivery with maximum visibility, Red Hat Cloudforms make IT operations functionally optimized as well.

PROVISIONING : New tasks pose additional challenges to IT managers in ensuring better management of their resources. Cloudforms are a perfect match for all those looking forward to track the importance and role of each resource along with the tasks to which they are assigned.

VISUALIZING : Red Hat Cloudforms favor deeper inspection of resources in order to make them prepare for future emergencies. In fact, it is possible to track down the root causes of issues resulting in dynamic allocation of resources.

Ansible Tower – Start & Stop Services, Password Reset, and Instance Management

Managing services could be taken a step ahead with flexible management by Ansible from Red Hat. It is now possible to exercise complete instance management through Ansible Tower with simple commands or using distribution packages.

The below mentioned are some of the services Taashee is capable of carrying out through our Ansible experts.

  • AD Password Reset
  • Start & Stop Services
  • Managing Instances

Speaking at the event post presentations, Pavan Kumar, Sr. BDM at Taashee Linux Services says,

We are overwhelmed with the kind of amazing response we have received. In fact, the event has been attended by delegates both from Public and Private sectors. Our responsibility has grown further as we got optimum exposure about the services we provide in the cloud segment. Definitely, this event will add a new dimension to our approach in implementing client deliverables.

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