Taashee Linux Services becomes a Red Hat Cloud Partner

Taashee, as a Red Hat Cloud Business Partner, serves customers on an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform by making use of advanced suite of technologies.

Hyderabad, IN – November 5, 2018 – New data strategies are pivotal for emerging businesses because of the fact that increasing number of companies are known to rely upon real-time data. Besides, there are a multitude of requirements that compel organizations to consider premium services related to Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Storage, and more.

Taashee Linux Services joins a list of companies recognized in the industry as Red Hat Cloud Business Partner. Red Hat is a US $250 million organization with a strong global presence. Based in Raleigh, the leading enterprise solutions provider in the open source segment is known for a wide range of solutions offered related to Linux, Middleware, and various other cloud solutions. The company’s decorated list of clientele includes Adobe and HP besides others.

As for Taashee, the technology boutique sees it as a unique opportunity with it already having a stronghold in the domain. Currently, it maintains a team of dedicated cloud professionals specializing in advanced solutions based upon cloud computing forms such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Taashee supports clients with design, architecture, implementation and launch of customized cloud solutions by making use of Red Hat’s open source technologies. Considering the fact that it can now directly access Red Hat’s knowledgebase online, Taashee has got a long way to go.

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