Taashee Linux Services becomes Consulting / SI Partner for MapR Technologies in India

Taashee Linux Services, a technology boutique, aims to emerge big on the global arena by serving clients from contrasting backgrounds. With its dedicated expertise in data technologies, the company has now tied up with MapR extending its portfolio further. Speaking at a recent IT conference held in Hyderabad, Taashee CTO Abhishek Datt has divulged his strategic plans of tapping the data market further as it has got a huge potential in the long run. At a time when concepts such as Big Data are still trending in the fields of data science, the intent of Taashee is clear and that’s to emerge as a dependable data solutions provider.

What is MapR?

A lot of customers around the world implement different data standards about how they are doing digital transformation, according to Anil Gadre, EVP, Chief Product Officer, MapR Technologies. Similar to DevOps, the emergence of DataOps with the culmination of Analytics, and ML/AI has paved for a new technology standard altogether. That’s MapR. Now, the focus is upon certain aspects such as:

Overcoming complexities – by moving onto next generation technologies from the existing ones

Consider a three-layer architecture reflecting all your data implementation process in a nutshell. In the first or top layer, you have your applications residing be it; Enterprise Applications, Batch & Interactive Analytics or Intelligent Applications. In the other end, there are the cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. By focusing upon a holistic picture, the presence of MapR by tapping the cloud data storage aspects, it is possible to achieve best results from your applications.

Taashee intends to bring the BIG change with MapR features through:

High Availability

Experiencing downtimes is a thing of past with automatic failovers taking place in a precise manner. How? Taashee implements MapR’s exclusive feature of High Availability during which a MapR cluster is configured in a customized manner.

Real Time

Multiple data streams could be synced with MapR so that there are no service disruptions. In fact, the power of this relatively new data management technology is that the data analytics could be obtained for both structured and unstructured data.

Additional benefits of MapR include:

  • Unified Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Global Namespace

Customers will find it as an advantage when they get to associate with a company like Taashee Linux Services having a diversified portfolio of services besides MapR.

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