Taashee Linux Services enters VMware’s Million Dollar Club for FY’18

Taashee Linux Services, the technology integration boutique, enters The Million Dollar Club for FY’18 for generating more business to VMware. It’s an outstanding achievement from Taashee’s perspective being a client-centric firm specializing in cloud computing and virtualization. In fact, the company has helped numerous VMware-powered clients already on multiple occasions overcoming the traditional silos related to infrastructure management. The biggest strength for Taashee has been so far the implementation of VMware’s latest features as Software-defined Data Center (SDDC).

VMware’s Managing Director Arun Kumar Parameswaran has presented the Million Dollar Club award to Taashee during a grand occasion organized at Kochi. It was during the VMware Partner Leadership Forum 2018 on July 20 that various aspects have been brought to the fore besides Taashee receiving the award.

Taashee is VMware’s PSP Partner and we are overwhelmed considering the fact that it is one of the best and consistent performers for us from the past several years. I believe that this is another crucial milestone for them boosting their morale to achieve many more in the near future –reacts Mr. Parameswaran.

We have been working hard about generating maximum business to VMware ever since we have cemented our partnership with the SDDC by joining their PSP program. The Million Dollar Club achievement has only increased our responsibility further enabling us to focus more upon our future strategies and plans –Abhishek Datt, CTO, Taashee Linux Services.


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