Taashee Linux Services offers Configuration Management solutions with Red Hat Ansible as the preferred tool

Red Hat Ansible is the Configuration Management tool aimed at the automation of storage, servers and networking. Managing cloud server environments by making use of various Ansible tools and techniques is now possible along with the remote configuration and management of others like AIX servers from IBM. It is because of these flexible features of Ansible due to which it is still giving a tough competition for other remote configuration management tools in the category like Puppet and Chef. The biggest advantage of Ansible is that of its agentless approach through which it is capable of ensuring a centralized control without settling for a single machine.

Ansible Playbooks are the ideal communication means through which administrators are known to interact with the software tools. Taashee Linux Services maintains a dedicated team of Ansible developers who are specialized in writing Playbooks in either YAML or Jinja, which are so powerful that they are capable of managing configurations and deployments of managed servers. At Taashee, we have dedicated Ansible professionals who are capable of addressing the precise requirements of clients with the creation of sample Ansible playbooks that are included as part of the diverse automation framework.

Taashee Linux Services specializes in offering Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Ansible as the platform for deployment, management and configuration of infrastructure in organizations. The availability of instant support from VMware is regarded as an add-on enriching the performance levels to a further extent. Are you looking for configuration management services for your environment? Please write to us at: info@taashee.com

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