Taashee Linux Services partners with Accusoft joins OnTask Channel Program as a Channel Partner

Taashee Linux Services signs a contract with Accusoft to join OnTask Channel Program as part of its growth initiative. The top management at Taashee firmly believes that the partnership will result in the no-code web-based business process automation software helping it in enhancing team productivity and increasing business revenue. The kind of objectives that OnTask has got in its agenda such as:

  • Workflow Automation
  • HR Automation
  • Document Automation

will ensure that dedicated technology boutiques like Taashee reap rich dividends in a short span of time.

OnTask is targeting small-to-businesses (SMBs) to radically influence how businesses operate and perform through its Automation Scalability feature, which will result in assured growth. On similar lines, the prevailing work culture at Taashee is all set for a major revamp after signing up with OnTask.

Workflow Automation: Effective Management for Successful Business Operations

With OnTask, Taashee aims to check its internal workflow loopholes besides speeding up the work processes. As is the case with most of the SMBs, the biggest challenge is to get the best output from the limited workforce availability. By syncing OnTask with its day-to-day work necessities, the technology firm gets to:

  • sending right business proposals to the clients targeted
  • tracking multiple projects with latest updates included

As employees receive timely emails and alerts through OnTask’s Workflow Management feature, there will be no scope for errors.

HR Automation: Groom Talent | Retain Workforce | Build Staff

A company’s growth prospects are entirely dependent upon the active roles played by its key personnel. OnTask from Accusoft helps in dealing with mission-critical issues with HR Automation feature. It automates crucial HR activities such as collecting job applications, releasing offer letters, and updating employee policies besides streamlining payroll processes.

Document Automation: Get Documents Signed Faster with Ease

Imagine a simple workflow template making you stay out of the complexities involved in getting a document signed. With the help of Document Automation from OnTask’s easy-to-use feature, it takes just a few clicks to get the final signoff report. In fact, a custom document could be incorporated in place of the default document.

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