Taashee Linux Services partners with SingleStore to offer comprehensive Data Management solutions on a Single Platform to all its customers

Bringing innovations to the fore through data has taken numerous twists and turns in the recent past. Organizations that embrace changes quickly and make inroads into the customers’ mainstream business segments are the ones that are known to achieve digital transformation leading towards the path of success in the long run. Taashee Linux Services makes earnest attempts always in order to ensure that the customers’ digital assets are governed to the core besides managing them smartly.

Taashee’s SingleStore solutions serve as a single-point game changer for organizations with enormous focus laid upon

  • Managed Services to handle Modern Workloads
  • Operational Analytics to deliver insights with SLA
  • Accelerated Performance for Data-driven Enterprises with AI

Taashee ensures that the costly data integration tools are eliminated by making use of real-time data pipelines from SingleStore. Additionally, the representation of data in additional formats results in faster analytics.

For more details, please click on: www.singlestore.com

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