Hyderabad, India, February 10, 2020
Taashee Linux Services introduces Application Transformation as the central theme to the
target-savvy organizations applicable across all their applications and workloads. With the
focus upon Digital Asset Management and Cyber Security Implementation by every
enterprise, the need for a Systems Integrator (SI) partner has been very much felt. At
Taashee, a diverse range of technologies are converged as per the project requirements
resulting in a comprehensive management of the clients’ tasks.

Reacting instantly to client’s calls and serving comprehensively have been some of the strong
points for anyone to consider and Taashee is no alien to this. The setup of TIRS (Taashee
Insta Response System) has been a big boon for its customers because the production
environment could be maintained intact with mission-critical assurances guaranteed on a
24×7 basis. As the company’s client base is highly diversified in nature, the introduction of
TIRS proves to be noteworthy in terms of customer engagement and client retention.
By venturing into newer domains like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial
Intelligence (AI), Taashee plans to explore newer prospects by securing more opportunities
than before. The move reflects its focus in the coming years as deftly explained by Taashee
CTO, Mr. Abhishek Datt.
“Taashee has grown into a single-stop solutions powerhouse from a simple technology
implementation partner for organizations over the years. As a result, our growth is manifold
with 100% rise in our customer prospects owing to our credibility at work and reliability of
service. We have been to a promising start ever since our inception in 2007. Currently, we
are focussed upon turning Taashee into a 500-crore company by the end of FY 2021-22.”
– Abhishek Datt, CTO and Head of Presales at Taashee Linux Services

About Taashee Linux Services
Taashee Linux Services is a technology boutique serving clients spread across the globe. It is
the Premium Business Partner for Red Hat and represents Red Hat as one of the top business
performers with the other only two being TCS and Wipro. Having partnered with some of the
reputed OEMs in the world, Taashee serves its customers for Data Backup and Recovery
with Veeam, Cloud Computing and Virtualization with Red Hat Cloudforms, AWS,
Azure, and GCP. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it has set up branches in Bengaluru, Chennai,
Noida, Vizag, Pune, Mumbai, and Vijayawada. The company’s overseas locations are in
Singapore and Dubai.
For more details, please click upon: www.taashee.com/contact.html
 Website: www.taashee.com
 Email: [email protected]
 Contact No: 040-66446125
 Contact Name: Ravi Kumar