Taashee offers the RPA edge to Levrx for Healthcare Empowerment

Taashee Linux Services is all set to introduce its solutions and services in America. Lately, the reputed technology boutique has begun its journey in the West slowly but steadily. It has now signed an agreement with Levrx to offer its expertise in the RPA segment. From a broader perspective, the respective teams from Levrx and Taashee would come together in order to create a comprehensive methodology in the medical sector. Especially, the Troy-based healthcare software solutions provider would be keen to explore advanced RPA features to implement them for their requirements.

“Our services are diverse in nature with the current business being expanded at a faster rate. The way we process patients’ information involves a lot of sensitive factors like compliance. Of late, it has become cumbersome for us to live up to the latest PHI standards through the manual procedures. Luckily, we approached Taashee at the right time because we would like to seek their technical excellence in developing a robust solution for us based upon any of the enterprise open source RPA technologies,” said Brendan Harnett, VP, Levrx.

Meanwhile, the responsibilities have increased further for Taashee with it having to explore newer horizons through its dedicated expertise. Ensuring that the care outcomes are as desired means putting RPA features to best use. Most importantly, the solutions offered have to be in sync with the current requirements of Levrx.

“Taashee assumes complete responsibility whenever it is the matter of innovative technology implementations. Levrx has got a straightforward requirement about which we have a specific strategy to put in place. We believe that the RPA solutions we are planning to implement by coordinating with their IT team will bear fruit at the earliest,” explains Anshu Bhatia, Senior RPA Developer, Taashee.

Implementing RPA in the Healthcare sector results in multiple benefits such as providing selective access to critical information, protecting PHI as per the latest compliance standards, and executing mission-critical tasks within the stipulated timeframes. Taashee intends to ensure that all these benefits and many more are experienced by Levrx through their association.

Would you like to connect with us for your healthcare implementations by leveraging RPA? Reach out to us at: info@taashee.com

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