Taashee provides Work from Home Solutions for Business Continuity overcoming Second Wave of COVID-19

Business growth has hampered a lot in recent times owing to the outbreak of the second wave of COVID-19. At a time when organizations across the world have started resuming normalcy, the beginning of the second wave has become a big bane for them. Amidst this development, the availability of Work from Home (WFH) solutions has garnered a lot of attention in the FY 2020. The current fiscal too appears to be no different with a lot of prestigious IT and non-IT companies offering WFH opportunity to their workforce.

Taashee Linux Services is a leader in virtualization and cloud solutions with a significant customer base in India as well as the Middle East. With a wide range of customized solutions for employees working from home, our expertise brings in the much-needed respite for businesses without foregoing upon the quality aspect. The concept of UCaaS is not new but when implemented with utmost clarity will reap in rich rewards for organizations in terms of business continuity.

Remote workers are made to stay connected and remain productive without bothering about the actual impact of coronavirus pandemic. As our solutions come with a wide range of features such as Cybersecurity, Monitoring, Backup and more, we create a huge difference for our customers eventually. Especially, such solutions are a welcome relief for businesses related to Telecommunications, BFSI and Healthcare sectors. Our WFH Solutions are offered no longer in isolation but in combination with a wide spectrum of features like Cloud Computing, Application Containerization, Database Management and more. For more details about setting up WFH solutions for your workforce and customers, please write to us: info@taashee.com

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