Taashee to participate in PGconf 2018 – The Road Ahead

Taashee Linux Services is the Gold Sponsor for PGconf 2018 to be held between 21st and 23rd February, 2018. Growing the PostgreSQL community is the intention behind organizing this three-day event at Park Plaza in Bengaluru.

Taashee will provide its valuable contributions by actively participating in the events and discussions besides disseminating information through presentations and seminars.

The participants will gain knowledge about:

  • Software Installation and Performance Tuning using PostgreSQL
  • Architecture Comparison with other databases
  • Powering the IoT Platform using Postgres

Apart from the above topics, there will be detailed explanations about Autovacuum and Batch Query, which are necessary to improve Disaster Recovery and High Availability features.

What to expect?

Don’t miss this once-in-a-year event that delves in detail about latest PostgreSQL developments and features through Case Studies, Presentations, Seminars, and more.

For Developers:

* Know about the role of PostgreSQL in Application Development. Our case studies will give you a detailed walkthrough with a practical facet.

For Database Administrators:

* Do you want to know about database administration at an advanced level; be it for a small company or large organization?

For Architects:

* Learn how to develop & design new applications using Postgres based upon the deliverables from our experts.

For CIOs / CTOs:

* How decision-makers make most out of the open source database tool like Postgres and reap richer results ahead of proprietary ones?

Abhishek Datt, CTO at Taashee Linux Services, is jubilant over the organization of the conference and reacts: “PostgreSQL has added numerous features and updates, which are covered in the latest version 10. Besides active contribution from the community, these kind of conferences will help organizations in backing up their vulnerable infrastructure with a powerful database like PostgreSQL.”

About Taashee

Taashee Linux Services reflects the Advanced standard for the products and services of PostgreSQL, which makes extensive use of the database features to serve its clients. Located at multiple locations in India besides overseas locations set up in Dubai and Singapore, Taashee provides valuable benefits to its customers such as Enhanced Performance, Increased Scalability, and Maximum Security besides Uncompromised Stability.

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