Taashee wins Top Partner India 2021 Award from Red Hat during APAC Partner Awards 2021

Posted on: October 8, 2021

Taashee Linux Services, the Hyderabad-based open-source technology behemoth, has won the
Red Hat Top Partner India Award 2021 at the Red Hat APAC Partner Awards 2021. This is the second year in a row that Taashee has won the coveted award. It was a monumental feat on Taashee’s part because the competition was fierce from several other Red Hat partners from the Indian subcontinent.

Red Hat offers a bundle of features to its partners like Taashee in order to make the most out of the evolving technology landscape. For instance, Red Hat Certification is one of the most effective means available for all the partners to manage the talent of professionals internally. At Taashee, the availability of research labs for Red Hat professionals to gain hands-on experience LIVE is something that is considered a game changer. Perhaps, it is because of the extensive confidence levels built up by the certified employees upon the implementation partners that does the trick for the company. Other factors such as increased productivity and extended contribution, even with a world ravaging pandemic in the backdrop, have been the factors driving Taashee towards much more business than expected. Eventually, all these developments added up to Taashee receiving the prestigious award.

Meanwhile, the future appears to be getting brighter everyday as organizations focus more on cloud platforms more than ever. Cloud drives business agility and offers increased security at a cost-effective price in comparison to legacy platforms. Digital experiences have been instrumental in changing the mindsets of today’s customers, as an increasing number of businesses are being managed actively in the cloud on a YoY basis. Taashee Linux Services would like to play an active role in this space in the coming years by contributing exponentially more to Red Hat while fuelling its own growth on a global scale.

Would you like to implement Red Hat’s suite of products for your business? Reach out to us at info@taashee.com.

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