Taashee’s growth in FY 2017-18 shared by COO Manojkummar Garg with VarIndia TV

Can you brief about Taashee Linux Services?

We are a solutions provider company started with 4-5 people initially in 2008. Now, we are more than 100 people with a pan India presence. We got a branch office in Singapore also. We started with Linux because earlier in 2000 we had our own desktop co called Everyone’s Linux, which was funded by the Malaysian government and gave it back to the open source because of funding for one of the projects. Then, we had an interaction with Red Hat and started to get align with them on the Services front. Later, we started selling their subscriptions too. That’s how Taashee Linux Services was set up.

What are the core competencies of Taashee Linux Services?

We are associated with Red Hat from the past 10 years. Not only we have core competencies on the Services front, we have core competencies of Red Hat from server to cloud too. Additionally, we sell a lot of Red Hat subscriptions. During the first year, we were able to sell a mere 1,000,000 Red Hat Subscriptions. But, in a span of 10 years, we are selling around 8,000,000 Red Hat subscriptions. So, we are growing with no leaps and bounds along with that. Because, I have seen that unless and until you sell the subscriptions, services will come by default. That was the thing I have seen in the market. Because, every customer has got his own mindset. They think that if you sell the product, you should offer the services only. However, here we go together as a team (we and Red Hat) as we sell the subscriptions and also offer services. So, that has been the key factor for our success.

What are the verticals you are witnessing the pull?

Telcos, datacenters, manufacturing, and BFSI.

Please mention about some of your customers?

TATA Communications, Infosys, State Bank of India, Saraswat Bank, DCB Bank, Dr. Reddy’s Labs

What kind of service and support you get from Red Hat?

As we sell their subscriptions too, we get the backend support from Red Hat. The onsite implementation and first level support we handle by ourselves for the clients. However, we are always backed by the GSS support if anything advanced is needed.

What is your company’s year-on-year growth?

It is around 50%. Last year, we did a business of 100 crores.

What is your future roadmap?

When we were growing with a new emerging product because earlier Red Hat was only OS and then again it came with JBoss as an Application Server. Later, it added new products like JBoss FUSE for integration and BRM for writing Business Management Rules. Now, with OpenShift and Open Cloud we can set up the on-premises clouds or hybrid clouds.

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