Din Din – The Most Reliable and Secure Video Conferencing App for Virtual Classrooms

Online conferencing applications have zoomed past people’s expectations due to COVID-19 in recent times. Major ones to get affected with the spread of coronavirus are students, employees, and businessmen. The availability of a single video conferencing application with uniquely interactive features will prove a valuable asset. Precisely, some of the most sought after features expected from such an application are online whiteboarding and screen sharing with clear and crisp audio and video functionalities. Taashee Linux Services introduces a HD video conferencing solution to match the requirements of everyone as part of its mission to create the next-gen communication platform. During the process, we have eclipsed numerous barriers in order to develop and customize a light-weight application that is ideal for flexible communication with security and integrity.

Taashee enables successful online meetings through its comprehensive audio and video communication platform resulting in multiple benefits for the users. With no noise distortions and privacy invasions, our application stands out to be the best. Especially, we ensure that LIVE online classes are a reality as more and more features get added to our classroom app. School and college students, upon using our friendly classroom interface, will experience that their academic year is not lost. Every participant gets to play an interactive role because of the screen sharing feature appended in the modern communication system right from the onset. Looking at the online classroom platforms available these days will lead you to the conclusion that almost all of them lack one or the other feature blatantly. Priced affordably to match the latest requirements as per the current academic year, we are sure that our real-time conferencing means makes a huge difference. 

Interactive web conferencing application helps students in realizing their true potential. With views, ideas, suggestions and concerns exchanged virtually, it offers an effective means of communication by bridging the gap between teachers and students. Another breakthrough feature is that of recording the entire session for listening any number of times later. The virtual classrooms organized through our platform will prove to be highly crucial in shaping up the students’ future. Request for a FREE demo to know how to deploy our application readily for all your future learning needs.   

For more of your customized online classroom and video conferencing requirements, please write to us at sales@taashee.com

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