Top Technology Solutions in Vogue during COVID-19

Organizations are reeling under pressure to offer the best to their customers. IT firms bear the maximum of the brunt with businesses coming to a standstill. However, things have changed dramatically and for good with innovative strategies being worked out to tackle COVID-19 pandemic. The availability of Work From Home (WFH) has come in as a blessing in disguise with no issues experienced with respect to productivity or quality. In fact, teams are getting more organized with the consideration of advanced implementation standards whenever needed the most. Given below are some of the most sought after technologies that almost every company looks forward to.

  • VDI Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) takes the pole position when it comes to working from home. With no physical access to the computing environment in offices, the modern workforce is made to work remotely and perform their duties virtually. This is exactly where VDI solutions have started influencing the way businesses are conducted in the present situations. Additional benefits include saving more cost and time besides making the work process more efficient and organized. Organizations, be them belonging to Healthcare or Logistics, no longer feel concerned about the output or results.

  • RPA Implementations

Cutting down the workforce is just one part of the latest revolution that has been rocking the IT industry. However, there are valuable benefits underneath such as meaningful use of the workforce. It is all about Robotic Process Automation or RPA that helps companies in experiencing a livid effect as the business productivity is maintained intact. The icing on the cake is that all of this is possible with least or no human intervention. The replacement of humans with bots was seen as a near impossible concept, but most of the MNCs across the world have already reaping rich dividends by relying on RPA solutions.

The Role of Taashee

Taashee Linux Services has been proactive as a reliable technology implementation partner for many companies for a long time.

  • NICE DCV – After NI-SP has merged their VDI product with AWS, the availability of it as a complete solution with support from one of the world’s most admired companies has been a game changer for many media firms.
  • Servicetrace – RPA solutions are increasingly implemented in banking firms and financial institutions across India and Dubai. By being a Servicetrace implementation partner, we are able to bring the power of innovation to the fore.

Apart from the above implementations, Taashee is in the process of developing applications by making use of valuable support from AWS. Planning to get an application developed by our team with all the web features included? Please write to us at

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