VMware inducts Taashee Linux Services into Ignite Activation HCI Initiative Program

VMware has confirmed that Taashee Linux Services has met all the eligibility criteria for its Ignite Activation HCI Initiative Program. After the enrollment process, the news was confirmed officially to the Taashee team.

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“We look forward to working with Taashee and team on our Ignite Activation HCI Initiative program. Our resources are available for them to explore and make the most out of it. Indeed, we are looking forward to a fruitful contribution ahead,” said Madelline Sanchez, Ignite Activation HCI Specialist, VMware.

Taashee Linux Services, being a PSP Partner of VMware, would be able to take forward the latest VMware technology solutions and service opportunities through this program. Eventually, it will create a WIN-WIN situation for both the companies resulting in enhanced growth in the coming few years.

Numerous milestones have been set by VMware to Taashee during the process in the FY 2020-21 starting from August 1, 2020 to July 30, 2021. The concluding milestones would be adjusted based upon the performance during the previous milestones.

VMware Milestone Preparation Training program would be conducted before formalizing the events. It will prepare the team from Technical, Marketing, Digital and Sales perspectives in order to have a better reach and increased conversions.

As Taashee has been contributing actively to VMware, the HCI initiative would only add another feather in its cap. The Hyderabad-based technology boutique has been decisive for customers in making the ideal choice when it comes to delivering value through next-gen VMware technologies.

“Our responsibility has increased further with VMware choosing us for their coveted Ignite Activation HCI Initiative program. The coming few months are crucial for us as we would be going all out by completing one milestone after the other with a lot of dedication. We believe that we would be generating maximum business for VMware like we did before,” opined Krishna Reddy, PAN India VMware Manager, Taashee.

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