VMware packs a punch with latest updates in SRM, vROps and vSphere 7

VMware introduces the latest updates in its range of products being a leading global provider of virtualization and cloud services. The latest ones are not confined to a single segment alone, but pack diversity starting from VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to vRealize Operations (vROps). More specifically, the multi-cloud environment maintained by VMware has been taken a step further with the True Visibility Suite considered for vROps and other such products. Ensuring that the end users realize the best possible solutions without compromising the quality standards will surely make a difference in the long run.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has teamed up with VMware in a grand way in order to offer what other cloud service providers could not. Perhaps, VMware has scored much better in this regard by getting along with GCP for end-user applications. The latest addition in this regard by both the giants collaborating actively is Google Cloud VMware Engine, which is a powerful VMware engine built upon Google’s scalable infrastructure guaranteeing users 99.99% availability.

VMware SRM offers increased security with the protection of virtual machines in case of disasters. Being one of the effective DR tools in the native segment, it involves a lot of useful features for organizations, especially those that are heavily dependent upon frequent transactions like BFSI and Healthcare. Perhaps, the latest update is the availability of vVoIs enabling SRM to offer protection for array-based replication as well.

Meanwhile, the impact of True Visibility Suite for vROps to has to be considered as a definitive worth for those actively considering the product. All these updates perfectly sync with vSphere 7 which is now capable of allowing customers in modernizing, and automate their applications as per their current requirements.

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