VMware ups ante with VMware Player for Tiny Core Linux and VMware VDI during COVID-19

VMware offers software-defined data center (SDDC), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and many more such solutions that have initiated numerous innovative features in the recent past. The availability of VMware Player installed on a system can now accommodate Tiny Core Linux as well. The biggest and unique advantage of this combination is that the entire OS could be contained in a USB offering more flexibility to the users without compromising the efficiency levels.

Meanwhile, the availability of VMware VDI during COVID-19 is considered to be a blessing in disguise for organizations looking for a virtual infrastructure to save costs and efforts. As the number of remote workers has grown in the past financial quarter because of the pandemic, organizations are made to invest more in VDI in order to ensure that the productivity levels are maintained intact. In fact, VMware is planning to up the ante with other challengers in the market Lenovo and Nutanix.

As for the latest updates with respect to VMware, certifications are considered, the online learning platform has been offering a plethora of courses to organizations in order to sharpen their workforces besides enthusiastic learners. VMware certifications are the most sought-after in the market and now is the time for all those professionals who are willing to get one for them. Additionally, the actual purpose would be served too, which is all about increasing awareness about the latest VMware set of products.

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