Unlock Your Potential with Oracle to EPAS Migration

DATE  :  07 Dec, 2023

TIME   :  03:00 PM

Unlock Your Potential with Oracle to EPAS Migration

Discover a smooth shift from Oracle to EPAS in our upcoming webinar. Learn about migration tools, methodologies, and hear success stories from our Taashee specialists. Join our interactive Q&A session to address your queries!

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    “Transitioning from Oracle to EPAS is the ideal path for a business to modernise their database infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility, cost effectiveness, and scalability”

    Abhishek Datt
    Keynote Speaker
    Managing Director & CTO,
    Taashee Linux Services Pvt. Ltd

    Abhishek Datt-

    Some of the key points this webinar will address:

    • Oracle to EPAS Migration: Key Challenges, About EPAS, Migration Benefits, Cost Comparison,      
    • Migration Tools: EDB Migration Portal, Postgres Migration Toolkit, Replication Server, VisionX for Oracle Forms, EDB BigAnimal     
    • Live Q&A Session

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