Why has IT Outsourcing become essential for maintaining business growth in a post-Covid world?

We have seen the nature of work change since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and by now, the idea that physical presence in the office equals productivity, is slowly losing its sheen. Work from home is the new norm, while outsourcing is one of its major enabling factors. Companies are slowly losing the fear of reduced productivity when work goes remote, opening up a host of opportunities going ahead. 

IT outsourcing barely differs from regular outsourced jobs, except for one critical detail: IT and remote working go hand-in-hand. With the humongous strides achieved in modern technology via cloud computing, remote communication and surveillance, outsourcing IT was never this easy! 

The global BPO sector is flourishing and the numbers speak for themselves. The BPO industry in 2021 had an estimated turnover of around USD 245.91 billion, and a robust, consolidated growth pattern is leading it towards USD 261.9 billion in 2022. 

Advantages of outsourcing IT

The Great Resignation is also a reality that the corporate world is coming to grips with. There is a pressing scarcity of home-brewed quality talent in key areas of technology, forcing companies to stave off their digital transformation journey indefinitely. Outsourcing IT is the only solution to this issue, providing internationally outsourced relevant technological talent to companies in dire need of them.

IT Outsourcing offers companies the option of hiring strategically from a vast pool of readily available multi-domain professionals. The other major benefit is the huge reduction in operating costs. For example, a company in Europe or the US can hire IT talent in India at a fraction of the cost of acquiring local talent, while also providing competitive salaries to the outsourced employees due to the prevailing exchange rates of the USD or the EURO. This makes an outsourced IT job lucrative to even Indian techies since, even an entry-level salary in the US can translate to a highly profitable pay grade in the Indian market. Communication is not a problem either since, with a 12% English-proficient population (roughly translating to 125 million people), India has the second-largest English-speaking populace in the world.  

When you consider all these benefits, the conclusion is a no-brainer: nothing can beat IT outsourcing when it comes to expanding or upskilling your team. Companies will keep implementing new technologies and models to keep up with the constantly changing needs of modern businesses. Catering to these changes becomes a burden for teams engaged in existing projects but outsourced IT teams can plug these gaps efficiently, ensuring that a company’s path to growth remains free of such speed-breakers. Moreover, easy access to an industry-ready talent pool, risk-free acquisitions and shorter adjustment periods are the reasons why most companies prefer the outsourcing model nowadays to maintaining their own in-house teams. 

How do you get started?

The first step towards starting your IT outsourcing journey is to get in touch with an IT consultancy like Taashee. Taashee Linux Services is one of the most experienced IT Staffing firms in India with the distinction of having worked with a plethora of prestigious international clientele like Vodafone, Coca Cola, Boeing, Standard Chartered and a host of others. Our managed IT solutions leverage our decades of combined experience in the field of open source. Our clients come from vastly different industry sectors, each with their own unique needs, and the speed at which applications are managed by our developers across any platform and framework is something that mesmerizes our clients to the core.

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