Taashee Linux Services ventures into Application Transformation Solutions by signing an agreement with Levrx Technology Inc.

Hyderabad, IN, July 30, 2020 — Taashee Linux Services, the preferred technology partner for enterprise open source solutions, announced today about cementing its association with Levrx, the leading healthcare software applications provider. With the kind of expertise that Taashee has gained after working with leading Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies in India and the Middle East, the current association would prove to be an added advantage. Also, the latest turnout of events would realize the company’s dream of making it to the US and stabilize its base there. The current COVID-19 situation has brought to the fore about the importance of healthcare applications in not just treating diseases, but also identifying them so that preventive care could be taken. Being a technology aggregator, it would be a terrific opportunity for Taashee during which it gets to implement all its technical expertise to best use.

Taashee implements the best IT practices as per the latest HIPAA and GDPR standards. The technology boutique plans to offer its Application Transformation services by going all out with the integration, optimization and customization as per the client requirements. IT compliance has garnered huge importance, especially in the Healthcare sector, because of the involvement of PHI and other sensitive information. Modernizing healthcare applications by being in sync with the latest cybersecurity updates has obtained the company an extra edge. The availability of dedicated teams for DevOps, Automation, and Infrastructure proves to be handy as all such services would be required at the Levrx’s unit on a long-term basis. With the due diligence of Taashee in managing the complete application in the multi-cloud environments in an impressive way, the performance and speed of applications are bound to enhance.

Taashee believes in its 360 degree approach while offering its diverse suite of solutions woven intricately upon leading technologies. By automating the existing work mechanisms, it is believed that initial goals would be achieved comfortably. During the concluding stages, the entire set of applications would be developed by adding highly advanced features. The two goals that would be met during the process are easier navigation and greater value.

“Providing a gamut of technology solutions through the best resources we have got is high on our agenda on any given day. By focusing on Levrx in an exclusive way, we would like to showcase some of our state-of-the-art implementations. Especially, our stakes are high in Automation, Deployment and Security as we believe that they are the game changers for us,” said Abhishek Datt, CTO, Taashee Linux Services. “Levrx sees a huge progress in the healthcare application development as more companies are in the process of seeking applications from us with advanced implementational capabilities. We believe that our association would turn out to be a fruitful one and help both of us in creating a strategic partnership,” said Brendan Harnett, VP, Levrx.

Taashee’s application transformation services are exemplary for a horde of healthcare organizations and the Levrx model would initiate our plans of expanding business globally. Though there would be numerous challenges in the midst, Taashee with its technology skill sets and implementation expertise would achieve its goals with comfortable ease.

About Taashee

Taashee Linux Services (ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI-3 Accredited) is a leading enterprise open source technology company with a global footprint specializing in Technology Integration, Application Transformation, and more. With a strong urge to serve organizations with custom technology implementations in its DNA, Taashee is known to leverage open source frameworks offering solutions woven intricately around path-breaking concepts.

Taashee is headquartered in Hyderabad, IN, with its offshore locations set up in Dubai and Singapore. To learn more about Taashee, please visit www.taashee.com

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