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Taashee offers comprehensive consultation and support services for Ansible, a powerful open-source automation tool that simplifies IT infrastructure management and deployment. Ansible provides a simple and agentless approach to automate tasks, making it easier to configure systems, deploy applications, and orchestrate complex workflows. Leveraging our Ansible consultation and support services allows you to automate your infrastructure management, streamline deployments, and enhance operational efficiency. Taashee’s expertise ensures a seamless Ansible implementation, optimized automation workflows, and ongoing support, empowering your organization to achieve greater agility and productivity in your IT operations.

Why Ansible Solutions?

Simplicity and ease of use

Ansible's simple syntax and agentless architecture make it easy to understand, implement, and maintain automation tasks.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Ansible automates repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for your IT teams to focus on more critical projects.

Scalability and flexibility

Ansible is highly scalable, allowing you to manage both small and large infrastructure deployments with ease.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach

Ansible adopts an IaC approach, enabling you to define infrastructure configurations in code, leading to improved consistency and reproducibility.

Reduced risk and improved compliance

Ansible's automation ensures consistent configurations across systems, reducing the risk of errors and improving compliance with industry standards.

Extensive community and ecosystem

Ansible has a vibrant community and a vast collection of pre-built modules, roles, and playbooks, enabling rapid adoption and sharing of best practices.

Ansible Architecture

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Customer Success Story

largest banks in Bahrain
Taashee helped BFSI industry to improve transaction speed by 53% through the implementation of Red Hat Ansible and Analytics for real-time predictive analytics.
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About the Client

Our client is one of the largest banks in Bahrain, that makes use of data and technology to carry financial transactions. A cross-functional team of bank managers, financial consultants, and economic experts at the client place used Red Hat Ansible and other solutions to create a real-time predictive analytics product system to more accurately and rapidly improve the transactional speed of monetary activities conducted in the bank.


In this project, an esteemed client from the banking sector needed a real-time predictive analytics product to accurately predict consumer behavioral patterns and solve issues related to the speed of transactions. At Taashee, our engineers took complete advantage of the Red Hat suite of technologies like OpenShift and Analytics, besides Ansible, as it helps in prediction and analytics along with automation.

Client Testimonial

Taashee has saved us a ton of time and complexities by coming up with this Ansible-based solution. Very impressed with your team’s adherence to SLAs.
Md. Shamiullah Iftikaar
IT Head, Client Company

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