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Empower Your Cloud Journey with Taashee: A Decade of Expertise and Inclusive Solutions

Taashee Linux Services offers Managed Cloud Services enabling organizations maintain business productivity 24×7 without any downtimes. Taashee has adopted an inclusive and holistic approach spanning all major cloud services providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Our certified cloud engineers have almost a decade of hands-on experience in serving clients across different business verticals in a plethora of industries. As legacy applications continue to be costly by each passing day owing to their maintenance, the development of cloud-native applications has come in as an ideal alternative for organizations. With customer-friendly plans available through Taashee’s custom cloud management such as unlimited data storage, flexible migration plans, 100% information security and more, we have seen an overwhelming response in the mindset of customers shifting to the cloud.

Solve Your Business Problems with
Our Professional Cloud Services

Taashee gives 24*7 support to your business at every stage of product development. From standardize business processes to create products and services, our cloud-based services solve your biggest challenges.

Cloud Planning

Are you planning to move to the cloud? Do you need expert-level guidance right from the word ‘GO’ so that your journey to the cloud is the most efficient one as well? Which cloud package is the best one for you of the available lot?Taashee Linux Services Cloud team makes your shift to the cloud business-friendly by offering valuable cloud planning services to you. Here’s how.

Cloud Architecture

We maintain a team of cloud architects who spend on cloud workflows and patterns that reflect your business models in every way and precisely the way you want. Our cloud planning would be a business-defining outcome backed by our inclusion of advanced cloud technology features syncing with your organizational vision aptly.

Cloud Development

Developing a fully customized cloud application with robust features holds the key for your business. Taashee’s team of cloud developers have cultivated that knack by integrating latest features into your cloud applications. Our approach electrifies your application’s behavior to the core in terms of performance, reliability, security and scalability.

Cloud Storage

Data storage in the cloud is given utmost prominence in the world today. Nevertheless, the vital aspects of business continuity and organizational productivity are directly related to the way in which you maintain and store your data. Taashee Linux Services take your cloud data storage requirements to the next level by performing crucial operations like storing, archiving, retrieving, backing, versioning, annotating and many such advanced functions.

Cloud Deployment

On-demand deployment of your cloud applications into your business ecosystem has to be executed with a lot of proficiency. Taashee cloud deployment models reflect a high degree of maturity leaving no scope for any technical misrepresentations, operational issues or any of such snags. In fact, you can experience optimum flexibility with our innovative mechanisms like “Deploy Once and Use Forever” concepts.

Cloud Migration

Modern businesses face the most complex task in the form of migration/s of their on-premise applications to the cloud. It requires precise execution and careful planning to realize successful performance of your applications when migrated to the cloud eventually. We, at Taashee, have developed expertise with successful cloud migrations for numerous organizations of global repute.

Cloud Management

Maximum operational agility is possible only when the applications are monitored, modernized and analyzed on a regular basis. Our cloud management methodology ensures that the cloud-centric resources enable flexible user interactions and smoother process flows. Taashee Linux Services has been the go-to service provider when it comes to the management of applications in the cloud; be it then hybrid or multi-cloud. With our services being scalable and resilient, it is possible for you to exercise a greater control and enhanced governance.

Different Cloud Computing Platforms We Support

Taashee offers a wide range of services so that you manage your business on the cloud.

AWS Managed Services

Our AWS engineers are capable of handling all AWS requirements, from basic to advanced, with a specialty in integrating AWS services with technologies like VMware, PostgreSQL, Alfresco, and Qlik Sense.

Azure Managed Services

Taashee is a Microsoft Azure Reseller Partner offering a range of services in computing, analytics, storage, and networking to help organizations achieve digital transformation.

Google Cloud Platform

Taashee provides customized GCP services to fulfill customer needs, including comprehensive data management with security, constant monitoring of applications, compliance through regular audits, and secure protection against vulnerabilities.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Taashee provides Red Hat OpenStack solutions for managing cloud applications and offers managed hosting, security, and compliance services. Red Hat offer better resource management using containers and offer additional platforms such as CloudForms, OpenShift, and Quay.

Highlights of Taashee’s Cloud Solutions

Parameters Taashee Cloud Management Services Other Cloud Management Services
Our building and deployment methods and timelines are customized to your unique needs, leveraging the best practices framework that we have designed with more than a decade of experience in clouds.
Rigid building and deployment methods and timelines dependent upon established frameworks that offer very little scope of flexibility.
Taashee offers a curated mix of open source and enterprise grade solutions for end-to-end daily tasks, risk avoidance, optimization and compliance of your cloud infrastructure.
Mostly dependent upon costlier enterprise grade solutions. Management services are not offered in bulk, but broken down into individual services to maximize revenue.
24x7x365 prompt response and remediation of all cloud issues within the ambit of mutually agreed-upon SLAs.
Support is mostly non-existent from bigger service providers. Smaller enterprises struggle to provide true 24×7 support due to lack of manpower and experience.
Drive Digital Transformation to Scale with the Speed and Agility of Cloud

Taashee's Cloud Advantages

Easy Access to Data

With our cloud services, you can access data from anywhere, anytime using an internet connection. The ease in accessibility and availability of data ensures an increase in the organization’s productivity and efficiency.


The biggest concern of companies while hiring cloud services is how their data will be kept secured when it is accessible online. But with our cloud service, you don’t have to worry about data security. We are a renowned cloud computing company in India that follows strict security measures like encryption of data that prevents data from breaching or cyber-attacks.

Backup and Restoration

We keep a backup of data and applications of a business’s servers on a remote server. So, in case of system failure or any incidence that can cause loss of data from the business’ server, data restoration can be done easily from a remote server.

Automatic Updates

Our cloud service allows your cloud-based applications to automatically update. Therefore, it is not required by you to manually update software across the organization.

Taashee's Cloud Native Application Stack

Taashee'S Cloud Native Application stack - SS

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Why Choose Taashee, the Best Cloud Consulting Company?

Customized Cloud Deployment

Customized cloud deployment at optimal costs - your budget, our priority.

End-to-end Security

End-to-end security and compliance management for peace of mind.

Grow With Confidence

In-depth strategic guidance for cloud operations and maintenance.
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    Customer Success Story

    We delivered 24x7x365
    We delivered 24x7x365 end-to-end AWS support and solutions for a healthcare services provider, resulting in uninterrupted cloud workflow and increased efficiency
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    About the Client

    Our client is an established healthcare services provider headquartered in India, with global footprints in South Asia and the Middle East. Besides maintaining a massive hospital chain infrastructure across multiple cities, our client has also ventured heavily into related verticals like pharmacies, diagnostic centers, home care and online doctor consultations.


    Taashee’s dedicated AWS Team, continues to provide end-to-end managed support and services for the AWS cloud infrastructure of one of our prestigious clients in the healthcare services industry. AWS engineers at Taashee continuously coordinate with the client’s IT team to provide 24x7x365, real-time, cost-effective support and solutions, which resulted in an uninterrupted cloud workflow and increased efficiency.

    Client Testimonial

    Taashee's AWS team have been doing great work that even exceeds our expectations. Whatever be the time, their engineers are available to take calls and resolve issues.
    Sujeet Kumar
    IT Head, Apollo Group

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