Data Lifecycle Management

Data Management

Simplify your data to enhance your multi-cloud experience.

Data Backup & Replication

Make your data readily accessible in times of unexpected disasters and sudden crashes.

Data Automation

Process your data to ensure business continuity with instant access and ready-to-use content.

Data Governance

Exercise optimum control upon your data with 100% efficiency and compliance.

Taashee Linux Services transforms raw data into useful information by processing it during different stages as per the mission-critical business requirements resulting in digital transformation. Our team of dedicated professionals make use of advanced technologies and integrate them to handle data, which enables our customers in experiencing increased productivity with reduced overheads. We specialize in the management, analysis, backup, capture, distribution, integration, processing, and storage of data.

Data Management

Managing data in modern organizations involves the coordination of multiple specializations through which workforce mobilization is achieved effectively. Accordingly, it is possible to achieve additional benefits related to data visualization and data segmentation with the proper handling of business information.

Taashee Data Management Grid

Experience an insusceptible way of managing your data through our comprehensive grid allowing you to deliver value to your customers.

Big Data Management

Clinical Data Management

Digitized Data Management

Customer Data Management

Taashee’s AI-powered Data Orchestration capabilities enable organizations in implementing digital transformation in an organized way. Our teams facilitate issue-specific solutions to the customers like Compliance Tracking, Digital Banking and more.

Hybrid Data Management

Insightful | Secure | Flexible | Reliable & Cost-Effective

Taashee Linux Services implements a hybrid data management policy with which you can Backup, Recover, Archive, and Retrieve your data as per your requirements. Enterprise class data management in hybrid clouds will not only keep your data safe but also offer more reliability making your resources more productive. We provide premium solutions to businesses of all sizes by eliminating laborious tasks such as on-prem backup and local archiving.

Data Backup and Replication

Backup, Recovery & Replication Solutions with a Gen-Next Focus

Taashee’s Data Backup and Replication solutions suit today’s multi-cloud environments as we focus upon increased resilience without any downtime hindrances affecting your business continuity. We let you look beyond the usual backup and recovery features for maximum efficiency.

Cloud Data Management

Transform Your Business Approach | Evolve Your Data Management

  • Would you like to have more control over your data?
  • Do you prefer on-demand scalability to manage your data?
  • Have you been trying hard to maintain data on multiple platforms?


Taashee Cloud Data Management services offer you a one-stop solution with which you could propel your business with innovative solutions that serve multiple purposes such as realizing business transformation and more.

Taashee deals with contrasting multiple environments with the provision of Data Recovery, Backup, High Availability and more solutions.

Our team has excelled in dealing with the multiple environments of the client in contrast such as VMware and Hyper-V. Know how our Veeam engineers successfully resolved the issue with flagship features like Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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How it works:

At Taashee, our cloud data management experts help you to:

  • Decongest your IT resources
  • Evict asset management lifecycles
  • Maintain 100% control upon your data
  • Avoid data redundancy and duplication issues
  • Secure data with instant availability 

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The Taashee Advantage

Treading with Taashee will let you experience numerous benefits with respect to your data protection requirements like:

  • Up-to-date management
  • In-time recovery
  • 100% efficiency
  • Business continuity
  • Regular assessments
  • Instant support


Data Backup

Data Storage

Data Recovery

Data Replication

Data Protection

Protect Your Data

Data backup solutions from Taashee are out of the box and let you experience optimum security while letting you focus more upon your business expansion. As the data volumes increase, the costs of maintaining them will increase too.

Wouldn’t you like to bring your data backup costs down?

Recover Your Data

Disasters are unforeseen. Being prepared to ensure data recovery on time will ensure a smooth management of your core business. Taashee Linux Services implements a successful data recovery strategy resulting in more efficiency for you.

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Wouldn’t you like to bring your data backup costs down?

Our Data Storage Grid

Taashee’s grid for data storage has been conceptualized after a careful assessment based upon years of expertise. We cater to the requirements of clients irrespective of the cloud type and a combination of them as depicted below.

Taashee Grid for Data Storage

On-Prem Storage Cloud Storage
Physical Servers
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Data Automation

Advanced Data Warehouse | Taashee Data Fabric with Valuable Insights for AI and Analytics 

Taashee Linux Services exhibits superior expertise when it comes to data automation with the finest exploration of unique capabilities for data modeling and data access as per the latest compliance standards. We automate your data with Azure data lake resulting in increased governance over your data that is cleansed and enriched to the core.

Taashee Data Automation Solutions

Document Automation

  • Document Capture
  • Data Distribution
  • Data Governance
  • Data Exchange

Content Automation

  • Content Processing
  • Dynamic Menu Boards
  • Content Conversion
  • Semantic Data Models

Document Automation

Taashee Linux Services’ suite for Document Automation ensures that the details in the documents are captured at granular level and distributed as per the needs.

Content Automation

Taashee’s team for Content Automation excels in the completion of numerous tasks such as processing, conversion and more cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Database Management

Gaining deeper insights into data is any organization’s primal requirement. Numerous reasons are attributed to this development such as gauging customer pulse, understanding current trends, and more. Taashee Database Management capabilities are highly diversified in nature with a team of dedicated database administrators working in the backdrop leading towards a comprehensive database ecosystem complete with security, accessibility and reliability. Having been in the industry serving clients of global repute over the years, we have developed the knack of maintaining huge databases over the cloud or on-prem as per the client requirements.

At Taashee, our expert DBAs are helpful in:

Besides the above benefits, our Database Management methodology will be highly beneficial in performing advanced tasks such as Database Monitoring & Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning, Database Health Checks, and more.

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