Alfresco Content Services | The most feature-heavy ECM in business

Alfresco Content Services (ACS) is the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system your organization should be eyeing if it prioritizes its content and wants to switch to a highly scalable, performance-driven, and compliance-friendly model that provides 24×7 enterprise-grade support for all business-critical content. ACS is basically built around a repository with a support service that aggregates all kinds of metadata, text indices, associations, and other related content.

Primary capabilities of ACS

Apart from providing openness, scalability and flexibility hitherto unseen in any contemporary ECM, ACS also throws in the additional features of a content services platform. So, you can now access content wherever, whenever and however you want by leveraging the ease with which ACS integrates with common business applications that are used by most organizations in their day-to-day activities.

Some of the most important capabilities of ACS include Document Management, Document scanning and capture, advanced Enterprise Collaboration, Information Governance and enhanced Content Intelligence and Analytics.

Features that will blow your mind!

Integrate and extend with ease: Since ACS has an open-source core and it supports open APIs and standards, the platform provides unmatched integration and customization capabilities to suit all kinds of business requirements.

The Alfresco platform can be easily extended using Rest APIs, SDKs and the modular architecture ACS brings to the table. The ADF (Alfresco Development Framework) can be used to create a range of advanced and highly responsive multi-platform applications using tons of configurable and reusable components. ACS provides out-of-the-box 24×7 support for extensively used application suites, including MS Office, Outlook 365, Google Docs or Salesforce. The buzzing Alfresco partner community has also come up with a wide range of pre-built integrations and solutions for SAP, AutoCAD and a host of other software.

Scale with cloud-native architecture: ACS boasts of an open and modular approach that provides you with an easily scalable content services platform. As a result, it shows no problems in handling a growing volume of unstructured content which can comprise billions of documents.

ACS has specific integrations for multiple cloud service providers, with connectors for Amazon S3 and Glacier, Microsoft Azure, etc. This ensures that you will meet your application and compliance storage requirements with ease. It automatically enriches the content and helps you gain valuable insights using AI and NLP with multiple AWS modules like Amazon Textract, Comprehend and Rekognition. ACS further provides flexible deployment options, which include Docker and Kubernetes for fast deployments across all kinds of environments.

Find anything at lightning speeds: With ACS, you can find the exact document you’re looking for quickly, irrespective of the number of files in your document management system, with powerful search features like instant search suggestions and filters. The Alfresco Query Accelerator provides functional query sets that improve search performance by querying multiple aspects of metadata across large volumes of information. On top of this,   Alfresco Federation Services offers easy content search and management across world-class enterprise document management applications like Documentum, OpenText, and IBM FileNet.

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