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Alfresco Process Services (APS) is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) suite that caters to businesses as well as developers. At its core, APS boasts of a high-performance open-source business process engine, which is based on Activiti and possesses the flexibility and scalability to efficiently handle a large number of critical business processes. Alfresco Process Services seamlessly integrates a powerful suite of end-user tools with a wide variety of enterprise systems, including Alfresco Content Services (ACS), Box, and Google Drive.

Let us take a brief look into the features that make APS stand out among the host of other BPM solutions available in the market right now.

Process definition, development & deployment efficiency: A key to ensuring success in addressing the ever-changing business landscape is by defining and adapting processes specific to your business. APS provides a host of user-friendly applications that simplify modeling, deploying, and updating critical business processes.

APS has graphical tools like the Step Editor to guide business users in quickly and easily creating new process models. BPM analysts can also use the powerful BPMN Editor for advanced process modeling activities.

The point-and-click Forms and Rules Editors in APS help define and share process forms and decision tables across various processes, while efficient data integration processes make it simpler to access or update corporate information as needed.

Advanced Task and Case management capabilities: A majority of BPM solutions are responsible for slowing down the business process flow by not allowing users to adjust for non-routine processes.

APS, in contrast, allows users to access all related resources to take care of key business processes while collaborating with users in a team to complete assigned tasks. Multiple sub-tasks can be allocated to specific individuals, thus allowing users to address various non-routine tasks.

Group and individual tasks inboxes in Alfresco Process Services allow businesses to model different processes to support wide-ranging business scenarios.

Moreover, APS’ native iOS and Android apps help operate business better by creating tasks, generating notifications, checking the status of open cases, and starting new collaborative processes to resolve pending cases.

Smooth integration and extension capabilities: Alfresco Process Services revolves around its open-source core and Java-based process engine that supports open standards, APIs, and modern development tools, making extensions and integrations effortless.

Process architects can use regular industry standards (like BMPN 2.0, and DMN) to migrate existing process to the Alfresco platform smoothly. APS’ modern, REST-based architecture makes it the platform of choice to orchestrate processes across a plethora of business applications.

Ensuring process compliance: APS provides the perfect platform to automate critical processes and allows companies struggling with regulatory chokeholds to strengthen their compliance levels.

Integration with ACS allows processes to dictate compliance and maintain compliance-critical records. This includes automated document creation and declaration, with the ability to save the entire process history. APS can also capture casual content from other business applications and content sharing systems and ensure compliance control on them.

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