AWS: Exactly what your business needs to soar among clouds

AWS or Amazon Web Services was conceived in 2004 as an IT framework administration service offering web benefits for public use. With AWS, you get a dependable cloud platform with seamless versatility. The very fact that almost all Fortune 500 companies and other major organizations across the globe have shifted their operation directly or indirectly to AWS’ servers, acts as a major endorsement for its capabilities.

AWS servers are distributed across multiple regions like North America, South America, Canada, China, European Union, and many more, which are extensive enough to make sure that the framework is safeguarded against the effects of large-scale disruptions and other unpredictable malfunctions. 

The following features are included in the service:

  • Amazon DynamoDB 
  • Amazon EC2 
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) 
  • AWS Lambda service 
  • Amazon Aurora 
  • Amazon Lightsail 
  • Amazon SageMaker 
  • Amazon RDS 
  • Amazon VPC 

Benefits of AWS 

Despite the presence of other major players like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in the market, AWS has managed to bag impressive names like Adobe, Dow Jones, Comcast, NASDAQ and PBS in its list of clients because of the unique advantages it offers over its rivals. These include:

1. Comprehensive coverage

Enterprises availing AWS’ cloud services barely have any difficulty shifting their data from on-premise physical infrastructure to the cloud due to the wealth of information – which includes How To videos and detailed documentation – available directly on their website. Moreover, AWS boasts of an extensive Partner Network, consisting of partner companies with extensive experience in helping clients set up and handle the AWS cloud for their businesses. 

2. Lower Costs

Whether you run a huge business or a bootstrapped start-up, the cost of maintaining data in on-premise physical infrastructure is a huge drain on a company’s exchequer. In contrast, AWS provides cloud-based backup and other solutions at a fraction of the costs involved in physical storage, not to mention the huge relief it brings by actively shouldering the responsibility of data maintenance, security and integrity. 

3. Adaptability

AWS boasts multiple tools to enhance IT frameworks in client businesses. As a business, your apprehensions about varying volumes and necessities are completely addressed by AWS’ auto-scaling feature, which formulates a self-governing framework according to your traffic or asset usage.

Moreover, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) can help you set up clones to simulate different situations in multiple regions within minutes, completely eliminating the need to rehash the setup every time.

4. Unparalleled Security

AWS has set up clearly defined compliance affirmations which stick to global data security laws. So, AWS takes utmost care in securing your business from potential data leaks and hacks.

To implement this vision, Amazon has come up with a world-class physical as well as a virtual security framework, having the following features:

  • Multiple geographic zones to ensure that the safety of your data is guaranteed, even in case of global network outages or natural calamities
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) and CloudTrail help you track usage by all stakeholders
  • 24×7 trained security at all data centres to prevent data tampering or theft
  • A completely customizable firewall suite to allow complete open access, absolute privacy and everything in between

5. Enhanced Productivity

Having all your cloud-related headaches outsourced to AWS ensures that the time and expenses you would have to incur for an IT support team can be used in other areas to enhance your business.

6. Innovative Solutions

AWS’ competitive pricing is not the only advantage it enjoys but its strong belief in innovation, as suggested by experts, is what is actually responsible to have numerous leading corporate brands in its clientele. 

Competitors like Microsoft and Google might have an edge when it comes to pricing but its sheer dedication in innovation is what makes AWS stand out.

7. Global Leader

With a presence in close to 190 countries across the globe and over a million active clients (including public sectors), AWS is the global leader in cloud services. And although cloud-based alternatives keep multiplying every year, only a few of them can challenge the wide business scope that Amazon Web Services provides.

Taashee Linux Services Private Limited (CMMI Maturity Level 3 Appraised and ISO Certified), based in India, is an AWS Consulting and Technology Partner and has a global footprint specializing in Technology Integration, Application Management and more. With more than a decade of collective experience in implementing AWS solutions, Taashee is a partner of choice for many global businesses in this area. 

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